Mental Health Training for Professionals
Therapeutic Group Programmes for Children & Adults

Therapeutic Group Programmes

I can offer therapeutic group programmes that can be run within establishments such as schools. These combine psychoeducation as well as evidence-based strategies to support those with early signs of emotional difficulties such as anxiety. These are often 6-8 week programmes of 1 hour a week sessions. These programmes can also include a session with parents so they can gain skills and confidence in supporting their children. Other options include workshops for parents on particular issues, enabling them to gain knowledge and understanding around a difficulty their child may be experiencing, as well as social support from meeting other parents on a similar journey. Recent requests have been for parent workshops on the subject of anxiety. Numerous successful workshops have been run with this focus, as the number of young people struggling in this area has risen greatly since the pandemic Enquire »

 Professional Training

I offer bespoke training in mental health to a range of professionals such as education staff, healthcare workers, frontline service staff. This training can be written to meet the needs of your staff, your establishment or your clientele.

With mental health much more in the forefront of people’s minds and with evidence showing early interventions are most effective, it is vital people gain knowledge and awareness in this field.

Examples of Previous Training:

Past Clients, Organisations and Groups…

Public Sector & Care Workers

Running a whole day of training on adolescent mental health for front line workers (police officers, social workers, youth club leaders etc), including an awareness of some of the more common mental health conditions some signs and symptoms of each and strategies to communicate with young people who are struggling with their mental health


‘Very good content. Presenter obviously knows her field which came across well’ Youth Leader, Ealing 2017
‘The day was enlightening and informative’ Social Worker, London 2017
‘I genuinely feel I have learnt a great deal that I can take away and practice. Interactive, interesting, informative’ Police Officer, Ealing 2017

Workshops for Parents

Running a workshop for parents whose children struggle with anxious feelings. This has been popular amongst primary schools to support parents in supporting their children through anxiety. I offer an interactive 2 hour workshop covering the physiology of anxiety, the CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) model, strategies to support young people that come from the cbt model and share various resources that parents can use (eg books, sensory toys and worksheets).


‘Experienced presenter, very knowledgeable and engaging workshop, a brilliant 2 hours!’ Christchurch parent May 2022
‘Excellent practical advice as well as scientific and medical information’ Poole parent November 2019

Mental Health Support Training for Schools, Colleges and Teachers

Training school staff in common mental health difficulties seen in young people. This training can be adapted to fit into a staff meeting or form part of an inset day. It can cover common mental health difficulties seen in young people, signs and symptoms a young person might be struggling, ways school staff can support and when to refer on for specialist support. If there is a particular focus you would like for your school staff, please make contact so we can discuss this need.


‘Really informative session that will help me look out for and better understand the children in my classroom’ Class TA 2019

Workshops for Young People

Other mental health support I offer includes group work with young people themselves. In particular, I offer a 6 week group programme for young people struggling with anxiety. It is interactive, engaging, uses a variety of resources and draws on CBT strategies to help them identify any anxious thoughts and feelings, understand what is happening in their brains and bodies when they feel anxious and strategies to manage those feelings and challenge those thoughts.


‘The children have looked forward to attending the sessions…….We have seen that these children [in the group] have been less anxious in class. Well done you!’ Deputy Head Teacher, Primary school in Christchurch, July 2022

“I really liked Wednesday’s with Jenny. I now have lots of ideas to help me when I feel worried” Young people workshops. Year 5 child.